What is VECR (Vehicle Electronic Condition Report)?

  • Auto e-Diag Service has developed an innovative solution to provide detailed diagnostic information in the automotive industry.   The VECR system can be hooked up to a vehicle and provide a detailed vehicle health, failure, and degradation diagnostic report for all OBD II compliant vehicles in less than 10 minutes. VECR’s patented knowledge-based system also removes component test false alarms, setting it apart from other products on the market.

What’s the benefit of VECR?

  • Until now Used Car Buyers, whether it be a Dealer or Consumer, have had no information regarding the INTERNAL electronic conditions of the vehicle. Companies such as CarFax report the vehicle’s HISTORICAL information.   VECR is like the “Car Facts Under the Hood”
  • Currently all vehicle diagnostic scan tools in the market are slow and time consuming.  VECR was designed to automate the complicated scan tool operations and report overall vehicle health conditions. 

How does VECR work?

  • Most vehicles equipped with the On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) II system have a dozen subsystems called Control Area Network (CAN).  The CAN system consists of Engine Emission System, Air Bag System, Anti-Lock Brake System, Transmission System, and much more. 
  • Until now no tool in the market can retrieve all of the CAN systems information within ten minutes

What is the Business Model use for VECR?

  •  Fixed Operations: Quick Lube and or Service Drive – Validate the “up-sell” with real diagnostics – quickly!
  • Sales Process:  Conduct a VECR report before taking a vehicle in on trade.  Get the real “Car Facts” about the trade
  • Used Cars: Provide a VECR report with every Used Car to build consumer confidence in the vehicle purchase.
  • At the Auction:  Know what you’re really buying.

Is VECR for real?

  • $2.2 million has been invested in the research, development, and testing of the VECR System.
  • Volume Scan Capability has been developed, tested and demonstrated in the Auto Auction market. (Mannheim/TX/3900 vehicles in 2009)
  • The VECR technology was developed and tested in the Semiconductor market and holds United States Patent # 6,240,329 granted May 29, 2001.